Cross, Dove in a Circle, background tile, words of a prayer from St. Augustine to the Holy Spirit on each tile (painting)

Pentecost: Spirit of Boldness

Scripture: Acts 4:23-31 (NRSV)

How do you respond in moments of danger, distress, disapproval or being just plain dissed? Depression? Discouragement? Displeasure? 

For the Christian, by the grace of God, our response can be one of determination and divine doggedness. Martin Luther was once threatened by a papal envoy, saying that if he kept disobeying the church, all his supporters would leave him. Where will you be then Martin? “Then as now,” answered Martin Luther, “in the hands of God.” That’s the  Pentecostal Spirit of Boldness—a deep trust that we’ll always be in the hands of our loving God, even if the powers that be are none too pleased.



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