Discovering and Displaying Christ In Here and Out There

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"Together for Joy" - painting by The Salt Project

January 15, 2021

Dear Immanuel Family,

Grace and peace to all of you! You have been in my prayers for good health and peace in the midst of the many things going on in our country and world these days! This Sunday we begin our new series “Together for Joy.” This is also our stewardship theme as we commence our church’s financial planning for 2021. Be on the lookout for the envelope in a mailbox near you, as well as other information on social media about our hopes and dreams for 2021. Thank you so much for your incredible faithfulness and generosity in 2020. Your giving is truly the lifeblood of the church. I’m believing that God is going to use us in even greater ways in this new year.

This week we’re looking at the most read, most prayed, and most beloved of the Psalms—Psalm 23. We’re all on a journey. There are a lot of paths out there for this earthly pilgrimage of ours, and not all are good. Just because you’re on a path doesn’t mean it’s a good one. Many paths are dead ends and detours, even possibly a path to perdition. However, the Good Shepherd, who himself is also The Way, the Truth, and the Life, guides our way along righteous paths—paths that lead us to still waters and rest. These are soul-restoring paths. But God’s paths are not always wide or easy. Right paths sometimes go smack through the valley of the shadow of death. Not around, but through. But hard times and even death itself can’t barricade or close down these paths of righteousness—for we’re a resurrection people. We rise up, even from death. With Jesus, we can’t be kept down. “The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want.”

In Goodness and Mercy,
Pastor John

2021 Together for Joy: Mission Goals
(a video presentation)

January 17, 2021 Worship Service Online

Together for Joy Series

“He Leadeth Us”
Psalm 23:1-6 (KJV)
Sermon by Rev. John C. Tittle

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People come to church for lots of different reasons. Some come for the preaching, some come for the music. Some seek quiet time for personal reflection, and others appreciate a community of friends who have become family. Many are fed by book and Bible studies, and some long to reach out and help others.

We invite you to come visit us on a Sunday morning soon. Get in touch with your spiritual side — worship with us and attend a Christian Education class or a study group. We think Immanuel has what you and your family are looking for, and we would love to welcome you!

Pastor John Tittle. Photo.
Pastor John Tittle

The path of worship – honoring God.

The path of discipleship – learning and apprenticing the faith.

The path of hospitality – building relationships and bridges.

The path of mercy – caring for the spiritual, emotional, and physical needs of the faith community and community at large.

The path of mission – sharing the good news locally and globally in word and deed.

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Discovering and displaying Christ
in here and out there.


We at Immanuel proclaim and strive to live by the teachings of Jesus, the Scriptures, and the church that instructs us to love our neighbor who is created in God’s image, whether they be friend or foe, similar or distinct, or a different skin tone. God has given us and entrusted us with the ministry of reconciliation to transcend today’s heightened polarization in church and society. Brothers and sisters, let us continue to love one another with Christ’s love!

Grace and Peace,
Rev. Dr. John C. Tittle

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