Discovering and Displaying Christ In Here and Out There

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Come Worship!
Sunday Worship Service
Livestreamed on
YouTube at 9:55am!

Summer Worship Schedule!
We invite you to join us for our one service at 10:00am. The service will incorporate elements of both the alternative and traditional services including our Sanctuary Choir. Time Together will continue and Fellowship Hour will follow after the service.
Livestream will begin at 9:55am. Looking forward to seeing you Sunday!

Men’s Bible Study!

Mondays at 10:00am in Witherspoon Hall.
Come hang out with the guys, have coffee, dig deeper into scripture, and connect with friends. Led by Pastor Tittle.

Desert Sages

10:00am-12:30pm – Tuesdays!
“Sages” is a fellowship group of people who have Tuesday mornings off and want to make new friends and have a great time. We play a variety of card and board games while eating popcorn and drinks, then finish the morning with more refreshments (dessert!). We play Bridge, Hand & Foot, Poker (no money), Mexican train, Rummikub, Pinochle, and anything else you like. Masks are optional. Questions? Contact Mary Kay Bush, Sages Coordinator at 520-661-6737 at

Agape Circle Women’s Bible Study meets the 2nd Wednesday of the month (September through May) at 9:00am in Members’ homes for brunch and Bible study. We start with refreshments and then dive into our Bible study. All are welcome! Contact Jean Nelson at or Mary Kay Bush at for details.

Lydia Circle logo

Lydia Circle Women’s Bible Study meets the 3rd Monday of the month (all year) at 6:30pm in Witherspoon Hall. We start with refreshments then dive into our Bible study. All are welcome! Email Kay Schmidt for details at


Thursdays 9:30am – 12:00pm
Witherspoon Hall, Rm 12/13

Everyone is welcome to come to Crafter’s Group! Learn a new skill and have a great time of fellowship, too! We make quilts, blankets and projects for local missions. We also work on our own projects for fun — so grab your gear and join us!

Immanuel Crafters – We Put Love in Every Stitch!

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Café Justo coffee is available at Church again! Look for the Café Justo display after one of our Sunday morning services. We encourage you to stock up whenever you join us for worship.
Coffee is $11 per pound!

You can also order online thru the Café Justo “Coffee and Compassion” program. You will receive delicious 100% organic coffee cultivated, roasted, and shipped by the Café Justo cooperative, and you will be helping those families affected by COVID-19.
Café Justo, Coffee and Compassion. Click HERE to order.

Frontera de Cristo and Café Justo developed the “Coffee and Compassion” program in 2020 in response to the economic downturn due to COVID and the concurrent drop in sales for Café Justo. The program has been an amazing success and we thank everyone who has participated!

Cafe Justo It’s All About Pure Coffee
Café Justo Introduction!

Marc Chagall, Creation of Man, lithograph, 1986,

Dear Immanuel Family and Friends,

Genesis gives us two descriptions of creation.
Chapter 1 focuses on the grandeur and majesty of God, as well as the harmony and order of creation.
Chapter 2 focuses particularly on the birth of humanity and the importance of relationships—and that God is close and relational with us.

The number 7 plays a big role in this chapter symbolizing perfection, completion, and design. The opening sentence contains 7 words in Hebrew. There are 7 days. 7 times God effects his divine will and 7 times he approves it.

This Sunday is Trinity Sunday. We read Genesis 1 differently than our Jewish brothers and sisters. Because of our encounter with Christ, we can look back into the Hebrew Scriptures, and see our experience of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit at work. In the gift of the Holy Spirit, we see the Spirit or Wind of God sweeping over the waters in Genesis. The Gospel of John borrows from Genesis when we read, “In the beginning was the Word, the Word was with God, and the Word was God… and the Word became flesh and dwelled among us.”

When God says “Let us create” Judaism teaches this refers to the heavenly council of angels. As Christians with our encounter with Christ and the Spirit, we see the Triune God at work. God’s creation was a process, and unfolding. It didn’t happen in a single moment. It was accomplished over a period of time and in stages. The first three days involve the creation of realms: light and dark, sky and sea, and land. Then God goes back for the next three days and fills those realms: sun, moon and stars, birds for the air, fish for the sea, animals and humans for the earth.

The seventh day is a unique day, blessed and called holy. God doesn’t create on this hallowed day. Genesis tells us about the WHO and the WHY of creation. Science tells us about the WHEN and HOW of creation.

There’s no need for science and faith to be in conflict with one another—in fact, they can partner together in our search for meaning and knowledge. In ancient times statues would reflect the presence and power of the king. Genesis tells us that made in God’s image, we reflect God’s presence and power on earth. Male and female reflect God’s image and likeness by responsibly ruling the earth with nobility and goodness—enjoying, using, but also responsibly tending God’s  beautiful creation, all to God’s glory.

See you Sunday,
Pastor John


Trinity Sunday
Communion Sunday

June 4, 2023 


Pastor – Rev. John C. Tittle

“And So It Was”

Scripture: Genesis 1:1-2, 4a (NRSVue)

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All of Immanuel’s Worship Service videos are available on our YouTube channel:
“Immanuel Presbyterian Church Tucson”

Welcome Guests!
Calendar of Events

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First time visitor?

Ask one of our ushers for a Welcome Bag! Then join us after the service in Witherspoon Hall for coffee and refreshments. We would love to get to know you.


June 12–16

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June – July!

Montlure Summer Camps are Coming Up!

Visit for details.

Overnight Camps:
Senior High: June 20-25
Junior High: June 27-July 2
Juniors: July 5-9

Traveling Day Camps:
June 19-23 held at Christ Presbyterian Church, Tucson, from 9am–3pm
for kids entering 1st – 6th grade.

Scholarships available, email for details.

NURSERY–Open from 9:30am–11:15am Sundays (infants to age 3)
Our Comfort Room is available in the Sanctuary for parents of young children who need care and comforting. We also have children’s activity bags and the playground is open.

(will continue for the summer)
For children ages 3-5 from after the Children’s Message in worship until worship ends at 11:00 am.
Please pick up your children in Towner Hall, Room 3.

Kris Goorsky
Director of Christian Formation

On Summer break!

Begins again in August!
Sunday Nights – 5:00–7:00pm
For youth ages 6th-12th grade.
Dinner, games and Bible fellowship!
Lots of fellowship and fun!

**Want to feed hungry teenagers?
Join the meal train!
Contact: Kris Goorsky at



We at Immanuel proclaim and strive to live by the teachings of Jesus, the Scriptures, and the church that instructs us to love our neighbor who is created in God’s image, whether they be friend or foe, similar or distinct, or a different skin tone. God has given us and entrusted us with the ministry of reconciliation to transcend today’s heightened polarization in church and society. Brothers and sisters, let us continue to love one another with Christ’s love!

Grace and Peace,
Rev. Dr. John C. Tittle


People come to church for lots of different reasons. Some come for the preaching, some come for the music. Some seek quiet time for personal reflection, and others appreciate a community of friends who have become family. Many are fed by book and Bible studies, and some long to reach out and help others.

We invite you to come visit us on a Sunday morning soon. Get in touch with your spiritual side — worship with us and attend a Christian Education class or a study group. We think Immanuel has what you and your family are looking for, and we would love to welcome you!

Pastor John Tittle. Photo.
Pastor John Tittle

Discovering and displaying Christ
in here and out there.

All are welcome!

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The path of worship – honoring God.

The path of discipleship – learning and apprenticing the faith.

The path of hospitality – building relationships and bridges.

The path of mercy – caring for the spiritual, emotional, and physical needs of the faith community and community at large.

The path of mission – sharing the good news locally and globally in word and deed.