Discovering and Displaying Christ In Here and Out There

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Sunday, June 2 at 12:00pm
in Immanuel Sanctuary

All are invited! Gabriel Albertus is passionate about new and programmatic music in the percussion world. He currently gives clinics to local public schools, and is growing his private studio in his second year in Tucson. Albertus is a Teaching Assistant at University of Arizona, working towards his Master of Arts degree in Percussion Performance, where he studies with Dr. Morris Palter.

Welcome to Immanuel! People come to church for lots of different reasons. Some come for the preaching, some come for the music. Some seek quiet time for personal reflection, and others appreciate a community of friends who have become family. Many are fed by Bible studies and fellowship groups, and some long to reach out and help others through service to our community. We invite you to come visit us on a Sunday morning soon. Get in touch with your spiritual side — worship with us, attend a class or support a local mission project. We think Immanuel has what you and your family are looking for, and we would love to welcome you!

Celebration of the Lord’s Day

Sunday, May 19, 2024

Dear Immanuel,

This Sunday is Pentecost. Pentecost is both a Jewish and Christian observance, but each view it differently. For Jews, it is a harvest party (also called the Feast of Harvest). For Christians, it is the day we celebrate the birthday of the church. The Holy Spirit arrived in a spectacular fashion with seemingly heads caught on fire, wind blowing, and people speaking in different languages.

For such a strange story, why do we make the effort to dress the sanctuary spectacularly in red? As a young Christian (age 17), many of us didn’t understand the Holy Spirit, especially that part about speaking in tongues. People would lay hands on me and pray for me to receive such a gift. I remember attending a charismatic Catholic worship service held in a gym with people singing in tongues – an uncomfortable, yet incredibly beautiful experience.

But the thing… I was so focused on trying to speak in tongues that I missed out on the wholeness of who the Holy Spirit is. This Sunday, we tackle that wholeness in the amazing gift of the Holy Spirit.

See you in Church!
Pastor Diane

Immanuel Presbyterian Church

8:30am Alternative Worship Service
May 19, 2024


Rev. Diane Christopher, Pastor
Sermon: “Who is the Holy Spirit?

Acts 2:1-14a (NRSVue)

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All of Immanuel’s Worship Service videos are available on our YouTube channel: “Immanuel Presbyterian Church Tucson”

Discovering and displaying Christ
in here and out there!

Immanuel Presbyterian Church

11:00am Traditional Worship Service
May 19, 2024


Rev. Diane Christopher, Pastor
Sermon: “Who is the Holy Spirit?

Acts 2:1-14a (NRSVue)

Worship Service BulletinChildren’s Pages

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We offer nursery services during worship for infants to age 3. Located in Room 1.

Children’s Time
After the children’s message in worship, kids ages 3-5 years old are invited to Time Together for Bible stories, coloring, singing and crafts. Meets in Room 3.

Sunday School and Youth Group
Currently on break for the summer.  Returns early August.

If you have questions about children’s, youth or adult programs, please contact Kris Goorsky our Director of Christian Formation at