At Immanuel, we believe our work must go beyond our campus, beyond the geographic boundaries of our community. Earnings from our Endowment Fund serve as a reservoir of funds for new and expanded outreach programs locally, nationally, and internationally. Our Endowment Fund is more than 10 years old. Check out our 10th anniversary brochure.

There are lots of ways to give—cash gifts, securities, property—that will give back in significant tax advantages. Bequests in dollars or percentages of one’s estate is another. And Charitable Gift Annuities provide an income stream usually greater than that available from Certificates of Deposit or from Money Market Funds.

We can help you find a plan that works best for you. It’s easy to make a gift! Think of it this way: At any time, anyone can make a gift in any amount to the Endowment Fund. You can join others as together we leave a legacy. For more information, talk to any member of the Endowment Executive Committee.

Immanuel Endowment Executive Committee

    • Howard Ross
    • Dave Piper
    • Peggy Free

More about our special funds and Giving


    • Endowment Fund — 10th Anniversary Brochure