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We hope through our sermons at Immanuel to “make the incredible ‘good news’ credible without losing its incredibleness.” Through study of the Scriptures, openness to the Spirit, and fresh engagement with our 21st century world, we seek to lift up Christ, grow in our faith, and be sent out to make a difference in our world.

All of our sermons are recorded and offered here on our website. and on our YouTube channel. We hope you will enjoy them. Please let us know your thoughts and prayer needs so we can join you in your walk with Christ.

Communion cup and open bible on a rustic wooden table

“The grass withers and the flower fades, but the word

of our God will stand forever.

Isaiah 40:8 (NRSV)

SERMONS are a wonderful way to focus on the wisdom of the ages through God’s word to His people.

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We hope these sermons will be a blessing to you! Come visit often!


Be a Practicing Blessologist

Category: Blessings

March 3, 2024

Numbers 6:22-27 (NRSVue) “The Lord spoke to Moses…Thus shall you bless the people of Israel.” And so we continue this commandment, praying for the blessings of God’s presence, protection, favor, and peace on our brothers...

Letting Go for Dear Life

Category: Calling, Discipleship

February 25, 2024

Scripture: Mark 8:31-38 (NRSVue) Jesus “on the way.” Jesus is on the way to Jerusalem, which means he is forging ahead to Calvary and the cross. Our goal is to have “the dust of the...

A Bow in the Clouds

Category: Lent

February 18, 2024

Genesis 9:8-17 (NRSVue) Forty is a number you often see in Scripture. It rained for forty days and forty nights when Noah, his family, and the animals were in the ark. Moses was a shepherd...

Listen to Him!

Category: Jesus, Transfiguration

February 11, 2024

Scripture: Mark 9:2-9 (NRSVue) The Transfiguration gives us great hope—Jesus’ destiny is our destiny. Like Jesus, we have the promise of being transfigured—shining like the sun. When Jesus’ resurrection glory was foreshadowed in the bright...

Power to the Faint

Category: Comfort, Hope

February 4, 2024

Scripture: Isaiah 40:21-31 (NRSVue) Isaiah says, “God works for those who wait for him.” With an Isaiah 40 faith, when we’re feeling grounded—we trust somehow, some way, we’ll mount up with wings like eagles. With an...

No Safety Nets

Category: Discipleship

January 21, 2024

Scripture: Mark 1:14-20 (NRSVue) Jesus began his “beach ministry” along the Sea of Galilee when he called out to the fishermen brothers Simon and Andrew and James and John, “Follow me!” Notice what Jesus said...

Under the Fig Tree

Category: Discipleship

January 14, 2024

Scripture: John 1:43-51 (NRSVue) The Magi responded to Jesus by kneeling before him and offering gifts. Another vital response to Jesus is getting up off our knees and following him. For the Christian, leadership is...

Guided by the Eastern Star

Category: Epiphany, Jesus

January 7, 2024

Scripture: Matthew 2:1-12 (NRSVue) Christmas and Epiphany are the bookends of Christmastide. Jesus didn’t receive his presents from the Magi until Epiphany, which we celebrate 12 days after Christmas (we actually add a few days...

Great Expectations

Category: Advent, Christmas

December 31, 2023

Scripture: Luke 2:1-7 (NRSVue) In those days a decree went out from Caesar Augustus that all the world should be registered. This was the first registration and was taken while Quirinius was governor of Syria....

Appalachian Winter, a Cantata for Christmas

Category: Advent, Hope, Joy

December 17, 2023

Dear Immanuel Family and Friends, The Appalachian chain of mountains in eastern North America has afforded generations of persons who have lived near them, or travelled to them, an opportunity to experience their majesty and...

Shepherds – The Journey to Bethlehem

Category: Advent, Christmas

December 10, 2023

Scripture: Luke 2:8, 15-20 (NRSVue) Do you know who were the first people to announce that salvation has come to earth in the Christ child?  Was it dignitaries? The in-laws? Fox or CNN news? Social...

Angels – The Journey to Bethlehem

Category: Advent, Christmas

December 3, 2023

Scripture: Luke 2:8-14 (NRSVue) You can’t find Bethlehem or tell the Christmas story without the angels. Angels appeared three times to Joseph—giving guidance, direction, and protection to the holy family’s harrowing journey to Bethlehem. The...