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A Thirst for Spirituality

Category: Jesus, Spiritual Growth

September 19, 2021

Scripture: John 15:5-8 (NRSV) We human beings are a lot like roses. You can put a rose in a vase as a way to commemorate a loved one or celebrate a birth or an achievement....

Hungering for Relationship

Category: God, Relationships

September 12, 2021

Scripture: Ecclesiastes 4:7-12 (NLT) “The being of God,” notes Orthodox theologian John Zizioulas, “is a relational being: without the concept of communion it would not be possible to speak of God.” Created in the Triune...

Praise Psalms

September 5, 2021

Scripture: Psalm 103:1-22 (NRSV) This Sunday we’re concluding our series on the Psalms with Psalm 103, a psalm of praise. Praise helps us hone in on the wonder and joy of this precious, short life...

Blues Psalms

Category: Hope, Struggles

August 29, 2021

Scripture: Psalm 102:1-28 (MSG) We all get the blues from time to time. It’s just a part of being human. We need the blues, to get through the blahs. Many of the psalms are blues...

Trust Psalms

Category: Hope, Spiritual Growth, Struggles, Trust

August 22, 2021

Scripture: Psalm 62:1-12 (NRSV) When you’re in a place of trust, no matter what’s going on, you’re unruffled, unflappable, and imperturbable. Different religions and cultures have tried to describe this state of being: the Buddhists...

Questioning Psalms

Category: Doubt, Healing/Renewal, Prayer, Spiritual Growth

August 15, 2021

Scripture: Psalm 77:1-20 (NRSV) We can say that Julius Caesar crossed the Rubicon. Or that George Washington crossed the Delaware River. But with Israel, we say: “God brought us through the waters of the Red...