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“The Return of the Prodigal Son” (a story of Homecoming)

A chance encounter with a reproduction of Rembrandt’s The Return of the Prodigal Son catapulted Henri Nouwen on a long spiritual adventure. Here he shares the deeply personal and resonant meditation that led him to discover the place within where God has chosen to dwell.

In seizing the inspiration that came to him through Rembrandt’s depiction of the powerful Gospel story, Henri Nouwen probes the several movements of the parable: the younger son’s return, the father’s restoration of sonship, the elder son’s vengefulness, and the father’s compassion. In his reflection on Rembrandt in light of his own life journey, the author evokes a powerful drama of the parable in a rich, captivating way that is sure to reverberate in the hearts of readers. The themes of homecoming, affirmation, and reconciliation will be newly discovered by all who have known loneliness, dejection, jealousy, or anger. The challenge to love as the father and be loved as the son will be seen as the ultimate revelation of the parable known to Christians throughout time, and here represented with a vigor and power fresh for our times.

Contact: Kris Goorsky, Director of Christian Formation,


Week 1 – February 21

Introduction: The Younger Son, the Elder Son, and the Father
Prologue: Encounter with a Painting
(pp. 1-20 hardcover/hc; pp.1-23 softcover/sc)

Week 2 – February 28

Part I: The Younger Son
Chapters 1-3
(pp. 21-54 hc/ 25-58 sc)

Week 3 – March 7

Part II: The Elder Son
Chapters 4-6
(pp. 55-82 hc/59-88 sc)

Week 4 – March 14

Part III: The Father
Chapters 7-9
(pp. 83-112 hc/89-119 sc)

Week 5 – March 21

 Becoming the Father” and Living the Painting
Conclusion and Epilogue
(pp. 113-130 hc/120-139 sc)


Henri Nouwen (1932-1996)

About Henri

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