“Moses: In the Footsteps of the Reluctant Prophet.”
by Adam Hamilton

Adult Sunday School Begins!
Sunday, August 14th
All are welcome!
9:00-9:45 am
Witherspoon Hall, Rm 12/13

*This class will be in person and on Zoom (9am)

Retrace the life of Moses—from his modest birth and rescue as a baby to the courts of Pharaoh, from herding flocks in Midian to leading his people in exodus out of Egypt, and finally gazing on the Promised Land.

We will join best-selling Author and Pastor Adam Hamilton as he travels from Egypt to Mt. Sinai, the Nile, the Red Sea, and the wilderness exploring the sites of Moses’ life.

Combining historical insights, archaeological data, and the biblical text, Adam Hamilton explores how this reluctant prophet grew in his relationship with God, and how you can overcome your own hesitancy to act boldly for the Lord.

Led by Peggy Free and Christopher Leachet (zoom leader).

This six-week study includes a leader guide and DVD. For those who wish to purchase the book, copies will be available each Sunday – $13.00.

Come join us! You are always welcome!

Kris Goorsky
Director of Christian Formation
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Adult Education Facilitators: Pastor John, Kris Goorsky, and the Teaching Team

We are once again meeting on campus!

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