“What’s Your Story?”
Seeing Your life Through God’s Eyes
by Rev. Sarah Heath
Intro video:

9:45 am in Witherspoon Hall, Rm 12/13

Envision your life as an adventure co-created by God. This study explores Joseph’s story. He accomplished great things in Egypt, but he didn’t really understand his story’s significance until he recognized what God was doing through him. In exploring Joseph’s life (Genesis 37–50), you’ll discover how to see your life through God’s eyes and learn how to co-create a real page-turning story of your own. Rev. Sarah Heath helps you explore your own life story in the same way.

What’s Your Story? is a four-session, small-group study that features opportunities and space for creative journaling and art by the author to help you explore the dimensions of the Joseph story.

– Being a Good Character in a Great Story – “Science Mike”- Mike McHargue
– Moving Through Plot twists – Jerry Colunga
– What Do You Desire? – Michelle Buessing
– Living Beyond the Climax – Rev. Dan Davidson
and Learning to Tell our Story with Michael and Lisa Gungor

All are welcome!
Books are free!

Kris Goorsky
Director of Christian Formation
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*This class will be in person and on Zoom @9:45 am.
Chris Leachett, Zoom Leader

Adult Education Facilitators: Pastor John, Kris Goorsky, and the Teaching Team

We are once again meeting on campus!

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