The Holy Spirit and Pentecost

The Holy Spirit and Pentecost

Scripture: Acts 2:1-22 (NIV)

This Sunday we celebrate one of the most vitally important events in our history—Pentecost!

In Judaism, Pentecost was a harvest festival celebrating the harvest of wheat, falling fifty days after Passover. It is called “Shavuot” in Hebrew and is frequently referred to as the Festival of Weeks, as Shavuot means “weeks.” By the time of Jesus’ earthly ministry, if not much earlier, this holiday was also identified with God giving the Torah to Moses. This Sunday we will explore more of the history of Pentecost in Scripture together!


June 5th Worship Service Bulletin

Sermon Artwork: “Pentecost Dove” by Todd Pick (2008), Word Made Image Liturgical Art

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