Welcome - Extending Christ's Embrace

Welcome – Extending Christ’s Embrace

Scripture: Luke 5:27-32 (NRSVue)

Throughout Jesus’ ministry, he extended God’s extravagant and warm welcome wherever he went. In fact, in the Gospel of Luke, there’s a special emphasis on this. When you read this third gospel, it seems like Jesus is just going from one dinner party to the next. Jesus makes a place for everyone. Not only the strangers, but the destitute, outcasts, misfits, sinners, and the unclean. Basically, those that society says, “We can do just fine without you.” But Jesus also dined and conversed with Pharisees, government officials, fishermen, military officers–anybody and everybody. By welcoming all to his table, Jesus was meeting one of our deepest human needs: to be accepted and loved unconditionally. And when we experience and extend the tender touch of Christ’s lavish welcome, we’ll never be the same.


September 4, 2022 – Worship Service Bulletin

Bible Study – Luke 5:27-32

Sermon Art: The Last Supper, 13th century, Syriac manuscript, The Image Works

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