Upheld When Thrown Down

Upheld When Thrown Down

Scripture: Luke 21:5-19 (NRSVue)

In this morning’s gospel reading from the lectionary, we find Jesus for the third time in Luke predicting the destruction of the beloved temple. When Jesus was alive, the Jerusalem temple was in the middle of a long refurbishment project. The renovation started in 20 BC and was completed in 64 AD. That’s 80+ years. Stones anywhere from 12 to 60 feet high were used. White marble columns adorned the temple porches. Gold and silver-plated gates glistened from afar when the rising sun shined on them. Exquisite Babylonian linen tapestries hung from the temple veil. This was Israel’s pride and joy—the disciples in our passage were speaking in reverence of this beautiful architectural wonder. Jesus delivers a sobering message—all of this will be thrown down. And it was—less than a generation later.

As we read, a good question to ponder is: what’s your personal temple? What ‘s most dear to you that is either vulnerable or crumbling?

Jesus is helping us here, on how to pick up the pieces when our worlds come crashing down. The secret is to know that you’re being upheld, even when you feel thrown down.

Grace and Peace,
Pastor John Tittle


November 13, 2022

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