Jesus Remembers

Jesus Remembers

Scripture: Luke 23:33-43 (NRSVue)

Jesus said these beautiful words to the repentant thief on the cross, “Today you will be with me in paradise.” Jesus has the power in both life and death. In Christ our King, we have power both in life and death. By the grace of God, we’re promised the joy the future bliss God has prepared for his people: forgiveness, relationship, joy, and remembrance, for all eternity! Nothing can come between us and Christ. Not our past, not our mistakes, not our darkest hour. Christ is present with us in our hardship and paradise awaits. Jesus remembers us.


November 20, 2022

8:30am – Alternative Worship Service Bulletin
11:00am – Traditional Worship Service Bulletin

Sermon Art: ”Jesus Christ the Returning King” by Janusz Antosz

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