If You Are...

If You Are…

Scripture: Matthew 4:1-11 (NRSV)

Jesus is in the wilderness for forty days when Satan tempted him. A bit of déjà vu is going on here. Israel also was in the wilderness for forty years. History is being repeated. Jesus is doing a redo of Israel’s wilderness wanderings.  Like Israel, Jesus is tempted by hunger in the desert. Like Israel with the golden calf, Jesus is tempted to commit idolatry. Like Israel who was commanded to be obedient to enter the Promised Land, Jesus is tempted by Satan to forgo the kingdom of heaven and the cross and take a shortcut to power.

Important questions will be answered in these 40 days in the wilderness:

  • Will Jesus learn the wilderness lessons that Israel failed to pass?
  • Will Jesus stand firm where Israel stumbled?
  • Will Jesus exploit his messianic power for personal gain or trust the Father’s provision? Can Jesus be a trusted leader?
  • Can Jesus help us face our personal deserts and demons today?

Let us look to Christ these forty days of Lent for strength and inspiration to choose God’s ways rather than the Tempter’s ways.


February 26, 2023 – 1st Sunday in Lent

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Sermon Art: Book of Kells, Folio 202v: Luke; Temptation of Jesus




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