The Skeleton - Prophesy to the Bones

The Skeleton – Prophesy to the Bones

Scripture: Ezekiel 37:1-14 (NRSV)

Bones do a lot, much more than providing scaffolding for us. They protect our insides, manufacture blood cells, store chemicals, transmit sound (our middle ear), and as recent research within the last two decades has shown, bones bolster our memory and buoy our spirits. Bones don’t scar when they heal, like our skin. Bones can even partially grow back. Bones in literature often represent life. We feel something “deep inside our bones.” Our bones truly are living tissue. All this leads to Sunday’s passage–the valley of dry bones from Ezekiel 37. We’ll see how God’s life-giving Spirit can breathe new life into old, dry bones, making us a revived and renewed people, set free to live and love to God’s glory. In faith and prayer, let us tap into the Spirit’s Pentecostal power this Pentecost Sunday and always!


May 23, 2021 Service Bulletin and Bible Study

Sermon Art: Valley of Dried Bones, Abraham Rattner (1895–1978)

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