"All Are Welcome" painting by German priest and painter Father Sieger Koder

The Radical Rabbi Who Hung Out with the Wrong Crowd

Scripture: Luke 5:27-32 (NRSV)

We now begin our new series “Catching Up with the Radical Rabbi.” We need to catch up with Jesus—get caught up on what he’s been up to. We also need to catch up with Christ by picking up the pace and follow where he’s leading. Jesus is on the move and we don’t want to be left in the dust! This week we catch up with the Radical Rabbi—who hung out with the wrong crowd. Jesus had a very bad habit of keeping bad company. The religious elite were none too pleased with who Jesus brought into the neighborhood. Are you a friend of Jesus? Are you friends or enemies of Jesus’ friends?


July 5, 2020 Service Bulletin and Bible Study

Sermon Image: “All Are Welcome” by Father Sieger Köder

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