"Peters Betrayal" painting by Cornelis Monsma

Peter’s Denials

Scripture: Mark 14:26-31, 66-72 (NRSV)

Did you know that there’s a rich spirituality of roosters and chickens in our faith—from the earliest of times? The word gever in Hebrew means both “man” and “rooster.” In ancient Judaism, there was not only the scapegoat, but what could almost be called the sacrificial “scape rooster” or “scape hen” that would be a substitute for human sin. Roosters became symbolic to Christians and drawings of them can found in ancient Christian tombs and catacombs. Many churches in Europe—both Catholic and Protestant—have a rooster atop their steeples. The golden rooster weather vane is said to be a symbol of Jesus Christ who breaks the power of the darkness, forgives our sins, and announces a new day by the power of His resurrection. Let’s learn how the sorrow of Peter’s denials of Christ led to the hope of restoration.


Sermon Art: “Peter’s Betrayal” by Cornelis Monsma

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