Fear and Great Joy

Fear and Great Joy

Scripture: Matthew 28:1-10 (NRSVue)

Synopsis: We study the words and works of great figures in history who are long deceased. With Jesus, we not only study his words and works, but his living presence works inside of us today. We can take to heart both the angel’s and Jesus’ command: Be not afraid. Why? He has been raised—just as he said. The resurrection not only happened, but it has happened for you. In Christ, you not only can turn over a new leaf, you can turn over a new life. God not only bursts open tombs, but he bursts open attitudes, histories, and defeated ways of thinking we’ve been imprisoned in. In the Spirit of Christ, God’s commands not only tell us what to do. God’s commands give us the strength to do it. Resurrection chases away the fear that paralyzes us. Be not afraid. Go quickly and share the good news, Jesus is alive!


April 9, 2023 – Easter Sunday

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Sermon Art:  “I Am the Resurrection and the Life” by Greg Tricker

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