Bread of Life

Bread of Life

Scripture: John 6:25-35 (NRSVue)

One America’s worst famines is the poverty of attention. We’re distracted with our phones and crazy schedules. We live in an attention deficit culture. As a result, we feel starved for real life and relationship. Jesus is the abundant life we long for—everything he touches turns to life. When we pay attention to Jesus, he brings us LIFE, lasting life. This carries over to all of life. When you pay attention to your body, it comes to life. When you pay attention to your kids, they come to life. When you pay attention to your spouse, he or she comes to life. When you pay attention to a plant, it comes to life. When you pay attention to your circumstances, they speak to you. And we bring Christ’s life to our world.


November 19, 2023

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Bible Study Discussion Questions – John 6:25-35 (NRSVue)

  1. What’s your favorite kind of bread?
  2. Can you think of other sayings that include “bread” in them?
  3. How is Jesus like manna from the wilderness? How is he different?
  4. What does Jesus say the work of God is for us to do?
  5. Jesus says, “the bread of God from heaven gives life to the world.” How does Jesus give us life?
  6. What examples can you think of Jesus extending hospitality in the gospels?
  7. How can we grow in the “Three Tables of our lives?”
  8. The Kitchen Table (home)
  9. The Lord’s Table & Fellowship Table (church)
  10. The World Table (world)
  11. Leonard Sweet says there are two kinds of people in the church: The Walk People (symbolized by the “feet and hands”) and the Talk People (symbolized by the tongue, ears, heart, and mind). How might the Bread of Life bring together these people.
  12. Jesus gives us abundant life. What is the abundant life that he gives?
  13. In what ways can we bring the Bread of Life wherever we go?




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