A Light Has Shined in the Darkness

A Light Has Shined in the Darkness

Scripture: Matthew 4:12-23 (NRSVue)

This is the good news: Jesus chooses ordinary people to do the extraordinary. Once the great Greek philosopher Socrates was approached by a very ordinary man named Aeschines. “I’m a poor man, I have nothing else, but I give you myself.” “Don’t you see,” said Socrates, “that you’re giving me the most precious thing of all?”

This is who Jesus is calling, who Jesus needs, who Jesus is looking for. Not fancy, accomplished, perfect, or polished people. Jesus just wants ordinary men, women, and children who will give themselves to him and follow him. That is precious in his sight. Jesus can and has changed the world with people like this. With people like you and me.


January 22, 2023

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