The Gospel According to Cleopas

The Gospel According to Cleopas

Scripture: Luke 24:13-35 (NRSVue)
Lectionary Gospel Reading

This sermon will contain a newly discovered document entitled The Gospel According to Cleopas, dated circa 63 AD. It was found in Nicopolis—near the Road to Emmaus. It’s an informal letter between Cleopas and the church in Emmaus and surrounding areas. Here is an exclusive sneak peek:

The Prologue: Cleopas 1:1-6

 I, Cleopas, called to be a minister of the good news of Christ Jesus, by the will of God, and your sister and my wife Aviva,

 To the church of God that’s in Emmaus and Nicopolis— May the grace and peace of God rest upon you as you seek to diligently follow in the footsteps of our Teacher and Messiah Jesus. As I’m about to finish the race of faith that has been placed before me, it became clear that I needed to set down an orderly account of the encounter my wife and I had with Jesus of Nazareth after his resurrection on the road to Emmaus. May the ears that hear the reading of this account be softened to the summons of our Savior, inviting all to come and follow him who is the Way.

Bible Study Questions

    1. What’s one of the most memorable or enjoyable walks/hikes you have ever been on?
    2. Why is dialogue and discussion with others so vital to our spiritual growth?
    3. The passage says that the two travelers were kept from recognizing Jesus. Do you think that God prevented them from realizing it was Jesus? Or did their unbelief keep them blinded? Or both?
    4. Why do you think Cleopas and his walking companion were walking away from Jerusalem? Do you think they should have been concerned that Jesus’ body was missing?
    5. What do you think of Jesus “playing dumb” in this passage?
    6. What do you imagine it would be like if Jesus led you in a Bible study?
    7. When were the eyes of Cleopas and his companion opened? What does that tell us?
    8. Have you ever had an experience worshiping or reading your Bible where your heart burned within you?
    9. One of the themes in Luke’s gospel is journey. How is our faith in Christ like an ongoing journey?
    10. When our eyes are opened to Christ, what should we do with that new revelation?

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