The Alabaster Jar

Sacrifice 101: Loving Extravagantly

Scripture: Mark 14:3-9 (NRSV)

We’re continuing our series A Beginner’s Guide to Lent and this week we’re fellow pupils in the class entitled Sacrifice 101. Jesus was at, not the Last Supper, but the First Supper of his passion. He wasn’t sitting at the table, but reclining. He likely was on a short couch, sort of a pre-modern Lazy Boy recliner. His left hand would be under his head and he’d eat with his right hand, along with the other guests. And then suddenly, out of nowhere, an uninvited guest barged into the room, crashing the party. There was an awkward silence at the intruder’s presence. But this party crasher didn’t care. There was something much more important she wanted to do than worry about first impressions. She had with her a very expensive alabaster jar of perfume. The nameless woman then did something shocking, even bizarre. She dashed the expensive jar and dumped the entire contents upon Jesus’ head. You could hear a collective gasp in the room. Then whispers. Grumbling soon followed. They tisked. They clucked. They shook their heads. The guests then became indignant and incredulous. Why this waste?”  WWJS—What Would Jesus Say about this royal waste of resources that could help the poor? Find out what Jesus says in today’s sermon.


March 21, 2021 Service Bulletin and Bible Study

Sermon Art: “The Alabaster Jar” (ancient)

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