Immanuel Session Covenant of Leadership

Approved by the Session for Immanuel Presbyterian Church ______________ (date)

Our Promises to God

We promise to pray, alone and together, thanking God and asking for help in our lives, service, and ministry at Immanuel Presbyterian Church. We promise to listen to God’s questions and answers to us. We also seek by the grace of God to give feet to our prayers and to grow in grace.

Our Promises to our church family

We promise to demonstrate our leadership and commitment to our church by our example in service and generosity towards others in the strength of the Spirit. We promise to support our church’s pastor and staff, so their efforts can be most productive. We promise to encourage and empower those who volunteer their service in the church. We promise to try to discover what is best for our church as a whole, not what might be best for us or for some small segment of the church.

Our Promises to Each Other on Session

We promise to respect and care for each other, as Christ did for us. We promise to treat our time on the Session as an opportunity to offer an important gift to our church. We promise to listen with an open, non-judgmental mind to the words and ideas of the others in our church and on the Session. We promise to discuss, debate, and disagree openly and appropriately in Session meetings, expressing ourselves as clearly and honestly as possible, so we are assured the point of view is accurately stated and understood. We promise to support the final decision of the Session whether it reflects our view or not.

Our Promises to the Community

We promise to remember that we do not exist solely for Immanuel Presbyterian Church. We have also been sent by God to make a difference in our community and beyond by meeting the holistic needs (spiritual, physical, and emotional) of our neighbors in the name of Christ. We promise to compassionately reach out with the unconditional love of Christ and to create a welcoming and inviting environment for those who choose to visit us.